Press Release: Solos en la noche pálida
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Pradiauto Madrid
January 13 - February 24, 2024


"Days when a distant word takes hold of me. I go through those days sleepwalking and transparent. The beautiful automaton sings to herself, enchants herself, tells herself cases and things: a nest of rigid threads where I dance and weep at my numerous funerals. (She is her mirror set on fire, her waiting in cold bonfires, her mystical element, her fornication of names growing alone in the pale night)" 
El árbol de Diana, Alejandra Pizarnik.

The exhibition "Solos en la noche pálida" (Alone in the Pale Night)  presents a selection of recent works by artists Carlos García-Alix (León, 1957), Blanca Guerrero (Madrid/New York, 1990), Lucía Gutiérrez Vázquez (Madrid, 1992), Leopoldo Mata (Madrid, 1994) and Alejandro Villa-Durán (Jalisco, Mexico, 1993).

In this exhibition, darkness and gloom emerge as powerful scenarios for exploring the political and poetic potential of uncertainty. "Solos en la noche pálida" proposes a pictorial landscape of introspection and agitation, but also of dreamlike fantasy, desire and psychedelia. The confused, the blurred, the uncertain is proposed as a space of possibility.

The exhibition brings together a series of paintings and works on paper produced in recent years and includes pieces by Carlos García-Alix, Blanca Guerrero, Lucía Gutiérrez Vázquez, Leopoldo Mata and Alejandro Villa-Durán. Using different languages, from figurative to abstraction, the artists explore different experiences and approaches to the nocturnal, proposing night as something that goes beyond a time zone and is a friend of other notions, such as the ambiguous, the alternate, the confused. The dream, the psychedelic, the brilliant, the blindness, the excess, the refuge. A parallel dimension where silence apparently reigns and where perhaps we are more alive. In the dream the limits disappear, the unconscious emerges, in the darkness another world blossoms.

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